NEWS Integrated Computing to replace IST

08 Apr 2019 11:34 AM | Anonymous member (Administrator)

We've been waiting to see what NESA would come up with for an update for Information Software Technology for a while now - ever since we saw the NSW draft of the Technology Mandatory syllabus and wondered what was next for Stage 5. Well now we know! The replacement course is called Integrated Computing and it really has been updated to align better with out changing world.

It's very important that  all teachers of Computing have their say so attend a consultation near you or at least read the draft syllabus and complete the feedback survey. We're also keen to hear from you at to add to our own written response we're preparing for NESA.

We live in exciting times! So many changes - so much potential for student learning!


  • 12 Dec 2019 9:03 AM | Anonymous
    As a teacher who has taught IST when first taking up teaching in 2001 it is about time. I've since taught Stage 6 students solely since 2005 and have now, in my last 2 years of teaching, been given a Year 9 and a Year 10 IST class. My thoughts when looking at the course content was told, quote "just let them look at the course on Canvas and don't alter anything" ....

    My thoughts entirely are a bit blue, so won't do that here, but to say it's old puts my age into perspective when thinking how ancient IST is. As is SDD and IPT, and as those near completion our argument that these courses should be updated every 5 years tops met with an "impossible" our approach "nothing is impossible" met with "not on sorry".

    This tells you a lot about the departments stance on the changes in IT being a not very important subject, when it should in today's world be up with Math, Science and English, as one of the most important subjects, sad fact is it's still shoved between TAS and Maths and it's own subject area in some lucky schools.

    Best of luck as if I can alter it I will, but don't hold my breath as I've been told (see above) to leave it alone. I retire at end of 2021 so I'm going to take it easy and not worry about any of this as I want to retire with my head in shape for a fantastic time outside teaching and it's not going to make my life a worry for naught.
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