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2020 ICTENSW Conference

PTC NSW Auburn | 14th - 15th  March

Our conference website is live! Read up on our sponsors, plan your day and get to know our incredible sponsors!

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Saturday March 14

PTC NSW 67 St Hilliers Rd, Auburn NSW 2144


Target Audience




All Attendees


Dr Eva Cheng and Lauren Black


All Attendees


Dr Linda McIver


All Attendees

Morning Break



HSC Multimedia Solutions Roundtable  Work through the 2019 HSC in IT Multimedia solutions.

Stage 5 (tricky) and Stage 6

MENACE: Machine Educable Noughts and Crosses Engine

Hands on with basic machine learning using Python and making a little AI to play Noughts and Crosses.

  Primary and Digital Technologies Stage 4 Introduction to Kai's Clan

Use Kai's Clan's all in one toolbox for a multiplayer coding experience using scratch/blockly with sensors on physical adventure mats. Each mat then comes alive through augmented and virtual reality.



HSC IPT Solutions Workshop Work through the 2019 HSC in Information Processes and Technology.

Stage 4 and 5,
Senior Secondary

ProgComp Helping your students engage with the UNSW ProgComp. Tricks and tips
  Stage 3 and 4 Machine Learning and Digital Technologies Introduction to IBM Watson for Machine Learning, Stage 3/4 

 Primary and Digital Technologies

Tinkering With Robots

Tinkering with robots is a lot of fun but where do they fit in the K-6 curriculum? Come and join us for a hands on workshop for beginners and intermediate users.

We will explore various robots and discuss where and how we can use them within the curriculum. Find out how different robotics competitions can enhance your students' learning. You will get to use the new Lego software and Kais Clan as well as some fun faithfuls like Dash, Cue, Blue Bot etc. If you have attended the first session on Kais Clan this session will allow you time to tinker with the Kais Clan robots. BYO device.



All Attendees

Lunch Break



HSC SDD Solutions Workshop Work through the 2019 HSC in Software Design and Development.
  Primary and Digital Technologies Ozobots and design challenges Design, Build and Test! Complete a variety of challenges using Ozobot, LEGO and other everyday items. With the ability to be controlled through unplugged and online programming.The ozobot can be integrated into math, literacy and provides  opportunity to develop computational thinking skills.
  Stage 3 and 4 Everyone Can Code (part 1)

Primary Introduction Session to Swift Coding

Everyone Can Code is over two sessions looking at Swift Playgrounds and the Everyone Can Code Resources.  
Coding is becoming an essential skill. Learning to code can teach your students how to solve problems and work together in creative ways. Join us to learn about Everyone Can Code, a curriculum that gives everyone the power to learn, write and teach code. You’ll hear about the new Swift Playgrounds™ app and explore curriculum materials that make it easy to bring coding into your school as well as get hands on with Dash and Cue robots.

Devices will be available for use on the day or BYO
  Primary and Digital Technologies Teaching Coding Online

An introduction to Australian Computing Academy online courses and Makecode's online platform (and newly released classroom update) and how to use them to teach students remotely.


HSC Advice on Assessment How to put together interesting, differentiated and rigorous assessment for Stage 6
  Primary and Stage 4 Digital Technologies Exciting students with Microbits

This session will address the best ways of integrating Microbits to understand and anticipate issues that students will have, and to explore the ways that they can use a Microbit to make decisions and action responses to sampled environmental data.

Teachers of years 3-8 are the target for this session, and, while no prior experience is assumed, existing users of Microbits will gain insights into how children can benefit from their use. Looking at the problem definition and solution development process, including the block-based coding environment of the Microbit, will lead to a lowering of frustration and heightening of excitement.

  Stage 4 and 5 Computing Resource sharing Roundtable This session was super popular last year. Come along and share resources with other teachers - ask questions and show off great units of work and steal some from the people you meet. 
  Stage 3 and 4 Everyone Can Code (Part 2) Part 2 of the Everyone Can Code workshop. This will be hands on using Dash and Cue robots. Devices provided or BYO.


All Attendees Afternoon Break


All Attendees


Assoc Prof James Curran 


All Attendees Annual General Meeting Have your say on how your community association should be run and hear about our successes for the year.

Sunday March 15

21 Ross Street, Forest Lodge

A full day workshop presented by the Australian Computing Academy. Work in teams to design a game that encourages physical movement tracked by the micro:bit. Learn micro:bit coding in a fun and integrated project. Compete to see who can physically torture the tutors the most! And then take an excellent project brief back to your classrooms.
Learn more about the Australian Computing Academy

This event will start at approximately 9:30am until 4pm and will be catered.

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