ICTENSW Policies, Terms and Conditions

ICTENSW Constitution

ICTENSW Event Policy

Cancellation by ICTENSW

ICTENSW reserves the right to cancel an event due to a lack of registrations or other circumstance. If ICTENSW cancels an event, registrants will be offered a full refund. Should circumstances arise that result in an event being postponed, registrants will have the option to either receive a full refund or transfer registration to the same event at the new date.

Registration Cancellation by an Attendee at an ICTENSW Event

Programs, Workshops and Webinars
For ICTENSW programs, workshops and webinars, cancellations must be received in writing at least 10 business days out from the scheduled event to qualify for a refund, less 10% administration charge.

Registrants cancelling their attendance closer to the event than the timelines indicated above will not be eligible for any refund. Refunds will not be available for registrants who choose not to attend an event without notifying ICTENSW in writing. Cancellations must be in writing, must be received by ICTENSW and must be made by the attendee or credit card holder. ICTENSW will accept the transfer of an event booking to another individual, if notified in writing.

Conferences and Symposiums
For ICTENSW conferences and symposiums, cancellations must be received in writing (mail or email) to secretary@ictensw.org.au at least 30 business days out from the scheduled event to qualify for a refund, less a $30.00 administration charge.

Registration cancellations received less than 30 days and up to seven days prior to the conference will receive a 50% refund. Registrants cancelling their attendance closer to the event than the timelines indicated above will not be eligible for any refund. Refunds will not be available for registrants who choose not to attend an event without notifying ICTENSW in writing (mail or email). Cancellations must be in writing (mail or email) to secretary@ictensw.org.au, must be received by ICTENSW and must be made by the attendee or credit card holder. ICTENSW will accept the transfer of an event booking to another individual, if notified in writing.

ICTENSW Event Disclaimer

At the time of promoting ICTENSW events speakers, topics, venues, times etc. are correct. In the event of unforeseen circumstances, ICTENSW reserve the right to alter or delete items from the program that will not affect the overall quality of the event.

ICTENSW Membership Agreement Terms and Conditions

The Information Communication Technology Educators of New South Wales (ICTENSW) association Terms & Conditions apply to new and existing ICTENSW customers.

You should read these Terms & Conditions carefully, because they contain important information about your legal rights and obligations. These Terms & Conditions do not affect your statutory rights.

1. When your Agreement with us begins

Your Agreement with ICTENSW commences from the date we accept your request for membership or renewal.

2. When your Agreement with us ends

Your agreement with ICTENSW will continue until such time that you cancel your Membership or it lapses due to failure to renew. Minimum payment term of 12 months is applicable for all memberships and membership renewals happen on the February 1 each calendar year. Notices and invoices will be sent out by email prior to the renewal date.

3. Payments of Membership and Renewals

ICTENSW prefers payment of membership and renewals via PayPal; however, an invoice can be produced and funds can be directly debit from your bank. The payment will require manual processing which will delay the activation of your ICTENSW membership. 

If a direct debit is returned by your bank unpaid, we have the right to re-present a request for this payment after seven days but within one month of the original charge.

4. Money Back Guarantee

ICTENSW has a 10 day cooling off period is offered to all new members. All monies paid in respect of the membership will be refunded in full should you for any reason wish to terminate this agreement within 10 days of joining.

5. Change of Details

Should your personal details change, please notify us immediately. The details we hold for you will be used to communicate electronically or by letter with you.

6. Prices

Prices may be reviewed during the course of the twelve month period and we undertake to provide at least 10 working days notice of any price change either by email or post.

7. Communication

We would like to notify you of our current offers and services from time to time and a valid email address and mobile phone number would be the most efficient and environmentally friendly way of staying in touch.

ICTENSW Conference Sponsorship Terms and Conditions


ICTENSW reserves the right to accept or reject any application for sponsorship at its absolute and unfettered discretion with the return of any deposit paid. Sponsorship and exhibition packages, which may be limited in number, will be generally allocated to those organisations who apply first. Allocation of sponsorship packages and booths regardless of the preference indicated, and alteration of the floor plan is at the discretion of the conference organising committee and conference organiser, whose decision will be final.

ICTENSW Bookshop reserves the right to sell books and publications at ICTENSW events and national conferences. Thus, no other exhibition booth is permitted to sell books at ICTENSW events and conferences. 


Complete the Booking Form and return it to ICTENSW together with a minimum deposit of 50% of the total payment due. On receipt of the form, a confirmation letter will be sent with a tax invoice/receipt for the deposit amount. Final payment of the remaining amount (if applicable) is due one month prior to the event. A tax invoice will be sent to you. Some flexibility with this final payment will be available given varying financial year payment requirements. If your payment is not received by the due date or as negotiated, the sponsorship will become available to other interested organisations. As spaces are strictly limited, returning a Booking Form does not guarantee a place as a conference sponsor. You will be contacted to confirm your acceptance as a sponsor.


In the case of your cancellation of sponsorship, notification in writing should be sent to the ICTENSW conference organiser. If the cancellation is received up to 3 months before the event, an administration fee of 25% of the total price is retained. If the cancellation is received within 3 months, no refund is applicable.


The ICTENSW conference organising committee and conference organiser will not be liable for any indirect or consequential damages arising out of a breach of this sponsor/exhibitor contract.


The ICTENSW conference organising committee’s and conference organiser’s requirements regarding the artwork for logos and advertisements, specifications and delivery details for signage, arrangements for static display, delivery of satchel inserts or other arrangements will be sent to you in a confirmation letter prior to the event with relevant due dates. Logos will be requested in both a .jpg and .eps format (high resolution 300dpi). Should an alternative format be received, the conference organisers cannot be held responsible for the quality of the logos displayed in any of the promotional material. In the event that materials, information or artwork required by the ICTENSW conference organisers are not received by the designated due date, their use for their intended purpose cannot be guaranteed. The value of these entitlements will not be refunded if this is the case.


The ICTENSW conference organising committee and conference organiser reserves the right to change the venue and duration if exceptional circumstances demand. In the event of a change of venue and/or duration, the agreement to participate will remain in force as long as the sponsor is informed at least one month before the planned conference. Reasonable endeavours will be used to remedy the impact of exceptional circumstances.


The ICTENSW conference organising committee and conference organiser shall determine the hours during which the exhibition shall be conducted and as to the hours of access for exhibitors including variations of such times as shall be necessary. The exhibition booth is to be fully manned and operational and will not commence removal or change any of the areas, until after the exhibition closes. No advertising material, such as banners are allowed outside the designated booth area. Excessive noise that inconveniences other exhibitors or the ICTENSW conference will not be allowed. The ICTENSW conference organiser will be the sole judge as to whether there is an annoyance.

No obstruction of any form in the aisles and walkways is permitted. While companies are encouraged to pursue novel methods of attracting people with their stand, practices disadvantaging other companies or detracting from the exhibition will be discouraged. The exhibitor will acknowledge that the ICTENSW conference organising committee and conference organiser will not be responsible for any loss or damage to the exhibitor’s property and that all exhibitor material and equipment is the sole responsibility of the exhibitor.


The ICTENSW conference organising committee and conference organiser accept no responsibility for any act, accidents, omissions on the part of service providers, the accuracy or content of any written or oral statements by speakers in connection with this event that result in delay, damage to property or injury.


Please refer to the ICTENSW sponsorship opportunities on the Sponsorship Prospectus. Any variations to the description of each package must be agreed upon in writing with the conference organiser.


In the event that the ICTENSW conference/exhibition is cancelled or delayed through no fault of the conference organising committee, the conference organiser, or venue/s including but not limited to fire, flood, labour disputes, natural disasters, acts of God, pandemics, civil disorders, riots, insurrections, work stoppages, slowdowns or disputes, or other similar events the sponsor/exhibitor shall not be entitled to any refund or claim for any loss of damage.


The sponsor/exhibitor and the servants, agents, contractors and invitees of the sponsor/exhibitor are also to observe the rules, regulations and procedures as prescribed by the venue/s.

ICTENSW Event Media Policy

By completing the registration form registrants agree to allow ICTENSW to use any photographs, video or sound captured from an ICTENSW event or as a result of the event for future ICTENSW publications and promotions. If you do not wish your image to be used please contact the ICTENSW secretary.

Registrants who do not wish to have their images (in all forms including photos and video) used by ICTENSW must provide the ICTENSW secretary with notice in writing at least seven (7) business days out from an event. All written notices must include a clear photo of the unwilling party’s face to ensure identification is accurate.

ICTENSW reserves the right to use any written or other content (in all forms including, including but not limited to posts on social media, responses to event surveys and any email communication) captured from the event or as a result of the event for future ICTENSW publications and promotions. When necessary ICTENSW may identify a written contribution by first name and/or state and/or country.

ICTENSW Privacy Policy

In registering for any ICTENSW event all relevant registration details may be incorporated into a communication list for the benefit of ICTENSW. This may be used as a promotion mechanism for future ICTENSW resources and services including (but not limited to) upcoming events, opportunities and publications. Should you not wish for this to happen, please notify ICTENSW when submitting your registration.

In registering for the ICTENSW Annual Conference (only) relevant details may be incorporated into a delegate list for the benefit of all delegates (name and organisation only), and may be made available to conference sponsors (name, organisation and email only). Registrants will have the option to accept or decline this policy option on the Annual Conference Registration Form. Once made available to sponsors ICTENSW takes no responsibility for the use of the information or the timeframe the information remains active.

ICTENSW Website Privacy Policy

The Information Communication Technology Educators of New South Wales (ICTENSW) which is a not for profit association is the owner of the https://ictensw.org.au website and is strongly committed to protecting the privacy of its members, customers and visitors. This privacy policy describes what information ICTENSW will collect from visitors and how we will use that information once it’s collected.

What websites does this policy apply to?

This privacy policy applies to any and all websites owned and operated by ICTENSW. It does not apply to any other websites, including those that have links to the ICTENSW website or third party websites that ICTENSW links to. This policy does not apply to the practices of any third party, affiliate or business partner that ICTENSW does not own or control, or those organisations or groups who associate themselves with ICTENSW.

Collection of non-personal data

If you browse ICTENSW's website and you are not an ICTENSW customer, you do so anonymously. We do not collect your e-mail address or other personal information. We do log your IP address (the Internet address of your computer) to tell us which parts of our website you visit and how long you spend there. We do not link your IP address to anything personally identifiable; however, we do track the country you are accessing the Internet from, the date and time you visited and the type of computer, operating system and web browser you are using. Your browser supplies us with this information. We use this information from our server logs to learn more about our visitors as a group, not about you as an individual. This information helps us identify overall usage patterns and trends on the site.

Collection of your personal information

Our website contains various forms where you can request information, subscribe to products and services and become a member of ICTENSW. When you apply online we obtain personal information you provide to us via these means. We may use this information to provide you with information about the products and services offered by ICTENSW, its affiliates or business partners. ICTENSW will not sell or share your name, address, e-mail address or other personal information with any other organisation.

Protecting your personal information

We store information in different ways, including paper and electronic form. The security of your personal information is important to us and we take commercially reasonable steps to protect it from misuse, loss and unauthorised access, modification or disclosure. Some of the ways we do this are by restricting access to personal information.

Removing or updating personal information

If you believe your personal information is not accurate, or if you would like us to delete personal information possessed by ICTENSW, please contact us at secretary@ictensw.org.au. Note that there is some information that we are required by law to maintain.

Disclosure of your personal information

ICTENSW may disclose your personal information if required to do so by law or in the good-faith belief that such action is necessary to: (a) satisfy a legal order or comply with legal process; (b) defend the rights of ICTENSW or its affiliates or business partners; or (c) protect the personal safety of ICTENSW directors, agents, affiliates, business partners, customers or website users.

Credit card information

When you purchase products or services online through our website, we do not collect, access or store your credit card information. All financial information, including credit card information, is sent directly to the third party (PayPal) that processes credit card transactions on ICTENSW's behalf.


This ICTENSW website has reasonable technical and organisational security measures in place to protect the loss, misuse or alteration of information under our control. We cannot guarantee that unauthorised third parties will never be able to defeat those security measures. Although we cannot guarantee that our systems are 100% secure, 100% of the time, we periodically update and test our technology in order to improve the protection of customer information. We use a secure server to transmit sensitive data to and from our site. All data (including your credit card information) transmitted through our secure web server is encrypted so no one else can read it.

Governing law and jurisdiction

This Policy, and ICTENSW's collection and use of customer information, shall be governed and interpreted in accordance with the laws of Australia and the state of New South Wales. Any disputes arising out of this Policy shall be adjudicated in a court of competent jurisdiction in the state of New South Wales.

ICTENSW Privacy Policy Changes

ICTENSW reserves the right to change its privacy policy at any time without prior notice. Any changes to the privacy policy will be posted on this page and will be effective immediately upon posting.

ICTENSW Corporate Logo use Policy 

The Information Communication Technology Educators of New South Wales (ICTENSW) association shall document the conditions for use of logos, marks and slogans and shall appropriately manage the rights for usage and representation.

The purpose of this Policy is to ensure the Corporate Logo is presented as a consistent, enduring symbol of our organisation. It is important to preserve the integrity of the design and to ensure that the logo is consistently depicted in any environment. Symbols can be destroyed, or at least have their impact lessened by inconsistent communications.

Corporate Logo

The Corporate Logo may not appear in anything other than ICTENSW's official communications, channels, products and services materials. The Corporate Logo is not available for use by members or any other party, in marketing communications as a sign of endorsement, support, sponsorship, etc. or in any other way, without the express written permission of ICTENSW.

The Corporate Logo is the correct logo to use on ICTENSW letterhead, websites, printed publications, websites, lecterns, building exteriors, etc.

Approved Variations on the Corporate Logo It is recognised that there are legitimate reasons for providing an approved variation of the Corporate Logo to other parties in prescribed circumstances, in such circumstances the ICTENSW President is authorised to adjudicate.

Third Party Applications Logos

ICTENSW frequently enters partnerships, sponsorships or co-branding arrangements with other organisations. External parties like government agencies, education companies, conference and event organisers, publishers, other peak bodies, etc. seek permission to publish an ICTENSW logo that expresses our involvement in the initiative through their promotional products and advertising.

ICTENSW's Corporate Logo may not be used by any parties without express written permission of an authorised representative of ICTENSW.

Any time the ICTENSW logo is used, it is necessary to ensure that the correct logo is faithfully reproduced and the proper meaning conveyed, and it is also necessary for an authorised representative of ICTENSW to approve that final artwork before publication.

Permitted Corporate Logo Use Terms and Conditions

Where the express permission and approval of any ICTENSW Corporate Logo has been granted, the following terms and conditions apply:

ICTENSW reserves the right to grant or withdraw the right to use the ICTENSW logo at any time. Where the ICTENSW logo is used on a website, the website owner is required to provide a link back to the ICTENSW website. Prior to printing, a copy of proposed artwork containing an ICTENSW logo must be approved in writing by ICTENSW. ICTENSW will not accept responsibility for any costs associated with amendments required where unauthorised usage of the logo is identified. Upon advice of inappropriate use of logos or marks, the ICTENSW President determines the appropriate corrective measures. Using the logo for any purpose without prior consent may result in withdrawal of the use of the logo and recognised status and be subject to legal action

ICTENSW Delivery, Refund & Exchange Policy

The Information Communication Technology Educators of New South Wales (ICTENSW) association is committed to a high level of customer service. We are pleased to offer a satisfaction guarantee for all items purchased from us.


All products purchased via the online shop will be posted using Australia Post general mail or in case of electronic delivery, via email delivery.

All items will be dispatched to the customer within 3 - 4 weeks of ICTENSW receiving the online order. At times shipping of books may be delayed due to international customs regulations, stock shortage or periods of office closure (Christmas, Easter, other public holidays). If dispatch of your order is delayed you will be contacted by phone or email and advised of a new delivery timeframe.

Refunds & Exchanges

Any item found to be faulty or damaged are to be returned to ICTENSW for replacement, refund or exchange within 30 days (from the original date of dispatch).

ICTENSW is unable to refund postage costs for any returned purchases including replacements, refunds or exchanges unless we have made a mistake and sent you the wrong product or the product is unusable due to a defect.

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