• ACCE Education & Technology News - September 2023 Update 2

ACCE Education & Technology News - September 2023 Update 2

04 Sep 2023 10:05 PM | Anonymous member (Administrator)

Inspiring girls to pursue STEM this Book Week? That’s RAD!

The 2023 Children’s Book Week theme is Read, Grow, Inspire! A Griffith University researcher is using the latest in a series of children’s books to do just that by breaking down gender stereotypes and encouraging children to be the scientists of the future.


Empowering school leaders to tackle cyberbullying and violence

The National Day of Action against Bullying and Violence serves as a reminder of the importance of sharing best practices and equipping students with essential skills to navigate the digital world safely. Empowering children to be savvy online is as crucial as teaching them road safety. With the prevalence of cyberbullying, inappropriate content and online predators, fostering digital literacy and responsible online behaviour is paramount.


Teacher planning – building student vocabulary in STEM

‘Deliberately planning to support students to build and use their vocabulary is critical to ensuring that students can both access the curriculum content and effectively demonstrate their understanding.’ Educational leader Michael Rosenbrock shares what this might look like in practice for maths and science teachers.


Global Education Episode 22: Technology in education – a tool on whose terms?

In this episode I’m joined by Global Education Monitoring (GEM) Report Director Manos Antoninis to discuss the 6 key messages in the major international study Technology in Education: A tool on whose terms?, including what governments, systems and schools should be thinking about when planning to bring technology into the classroom.


Can education technology really improve learning in Australia?

The student learning experience in Australia has come a long way since the days of chalkboards and being forced to write with your right hand. Quills and traditional whiteboards have been replaced by tablets and smart boards. Abacuses and calculators have since been replaced by laptops and smartphones.


Lenovo’s versatile new tablets invite learning, mobility and multitasking

Lenovo is introducing two new additions to its lineup of consumer tablets powered by Android: the Lenovo Tab P12 and the Lenovo Tab M10 5G. Designed with students in mind and made for more versatility and enhanced personal time, the devices seamlessly combine entertainment, learning, and mobility.


Why Marble Bar Primary School shines as a beacon of brilliance in First Nations education

The Marble Bar Virtual World (MBVW) program has been achieving one of the most elusive goals in Australian education – closing the gap between Indigenous and non-Indigenous students’ learning outcomes. This feat was demonstrated on the world stage in 2022 when the school won an international gold medal at the 2022 Australia Pacific ICT Awards, known as “the Oscars of innovation in ICT.”


How one tech school is building STEM skills for the future

How are students getting access to the latest technology in robotics, 3D printing, Artificial Intelligence, and video games to play, learn and prepare for future careers? Cosmos robotics reporter Petra Stock visits Wyndham Tech, a hub for technology education for schools in Melbourne’s west for a glimpse of what students experience when they visit.


Explained: Google’s new tools and features for safer learning, how they work

In an ongoing commitment to safeguarding the privacy of students, parents, and educators, the Google for Education team has unveiled a series of updates and innovations aimed at ensuring the security of data and providing users with greater control over their information.


Kids Are Going Back to School. So Is ChatGPT

Last winter, the unveiling of OpenAI’s alarmingly sophisticated chatbot sent educators into a tailspin. Generative AI, it was feared, would enable rampant cheating and plagiarism, and even make high school English obsolete. Universities debated updating plagiarism policies. Some school districts outright banned ChatGPT from their networks. Now, a new school year presents new challenges—and, for some, new opportunities.


How Widespread Will AI Be in Classrooms This Year? Teachers Offer Some Clues

A new teacher survey also finds educator optimism up for the first time since the pandemic.


Transforming Your STEM Classroom: AI and Technology In Action: 12 Sep

Discover the exciting possibilities of using AI and technology in your STEM classroom!


From Chalkboards to Smartboards: How Generations Adapt to Technological Advancements in Education

The landscape of education has undergone a dramatic transformation over the years. From the chalk-dusted classrooms of the past to the digital learning environments of today, each generation has had to adapt to the technological advancements of their time. Let’s go on a journey through time, exploring how different generations have adapted to the evolving technology in education.


What’s Wrong With STEM Education: How to Address the Problems

If there is one area of education that is filled with accusations of being inadequate in the US, it would be STEM.


What Are The Characteristics of a STEM Classroom

STEM Education is a rising fast curriculum. It first began to gain even more notoriety in the early 2000s, receiving several federal grants as a research-based curriculum and is now frequently included in teacher training and development.


How Does STEM Education Fit With Science Education

STEM is a way of engaging with a child’s natural curiosity about the world. My kids are constantly asking questions. Some I don’t even know the answer to. Kids are so present with their surroundings and are incredibly observant. Imagine how pure and powerful that sense of curiosity is in those little bodies.


How STEM Education Improves Student Learning

Why should a child learn STEM? Perhaps they aren’t particularly interested in timetables or the periodic table (I know I wasn’t when I was a kid!), and you don’t want to force it on them.


How Robots Are Helping Better K–12 Schools

K–12 schools everywhere are facing challenges with staffing. Teacher shortages are making headlines across the country, but other departments are feeling the staffing strain too. Job openings persist, proving hard to fill, in IT, transportation, food service and other departments at K–12 institutions.


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